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  • $125    Per 45-50 minute session

  • $180    Per 90 minute session

We are meant to heal in relationship.  In order to live the life we are meant to live, consistent community and individual support is essential.  


Please let me know if you are experiencing financial hardships.  I offer a limited number of sliding scale opportunities.  I hope to be able to offer services that are sustainably affordable to you.


Your Rights and Responsibilities

I will inform you of your fee per session prior to your first visit. This fee will not change without prior notification. Your total costs will depend upon the number of sessions you choose to utilize.

You are responsible for full payment of the fee at the time of each session, or if you cancel the session with less than 24 hours notice.


Payment – payment is expected prior to each session and payment needs to be made for the session to take place. If you do not make payment the session won’t be able to take place. If this becomes a repeated problem future appointments will need to be paid for at the time of booking. Please make your payment via VENMO @HartTalks (1901 = last 4 of phone number).  Thank you!

Next Steps

Email me for a 20 minute complimentary session.

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