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Services Offered

Internal Family Systems (IFS) Individual Sessions

  • Have you been trying to cope with your feelings & emotions and nothing seems to work?

  • Are you puzzled by your reactions to situations & people in your life?  

  • Do you wish you could pause and think before reacting and responding?

  • Do you find yourself coming up with plans for how to ‘do better’ next time?

  • Do you struggle to know your boundaries and set them?

So often, our reactions and responses are learned early in our lives and are linked to our beliefs and perceptions.   These strategies may seem primitive and no longer serve us or they may be causing relationship issues in our families and/or work situations.

In IFS we honor and get to know the “Parts” of our ‘Internal Family’ that hold beliefs and perceptions that no longer serve us. Through this process, our parts can relax and transform into roles that lead to self love and personal growth. We may discover new ways of relating with inner clarity to solve our problems in the present moment instead of through maladaptive coping strategies and behaviors.

  • Guide you to discover your inner wisdom and clarity

  • Release & transform lifelong patterns

  • Discover ease and passion for your life and come into your calling

  • Explore what spirituality is for you

  • Lean into trusting yourself and set boundaries with clarity and kindness

Grief Support and Mentorship Opportunities

“There are those that are not frightened of grief: dropping deep into the sorrow, they find therein a necessary elixir to the numbness. When they encounter one another, when they press their foreheads against the bark of a centuries-old tree…their eyes well with tears that fall easily to the ground. The soil needs this water. Grief is but a gate, and our tears a kind of key opening a place of wonder thats been locked away. Suddenly we notice a sustaining resonance between the drumming heart within our chest and the pulse rising from the ground” – David Abram


FUTURE COMMUNITY GRIEF TENDING OFFERINGS:  Grief ritual is a practice of tending to and honoring the sacredness of our sorrow – a practice of allowing the expression of grief to be vital to our collective health, to bring us back to what truly matters, and to be the common thread that reconnects us to a wider web of relationships.


We gather to deepen into building embodied, community space to support our personal and collective grief tending work. We honor all forms of grief including loss, change and transitions, sorrows for our world (environmental, political, racial, cultural loss), loss of village and belonging, ancestral grief, and anything else present. There is no grief too big or too small for our circles.  Future offerings will be posted here.  


INDIVIDUAL IFS INFORMED GRIEF SUPPORT: As a Level 3 trained Internal Family Systems (IFS) Practitioner, I offer IFS Informed individual sessions online through my private practice.  I gently encourage choice as we meet the tender feelings that arise in the midst of change and loss.  Embracing change often requires time in the ‘unknown’ to listen deeply. We are not meant to grieve alone.  

  • Death of a family member, friend or beloved pet

  • Relationship Ending (Break-up, divorce, friendship loss)

  • Empty Nest

  • New parents - life transitions

  • Retirement

  • Job Loss

  • Addiction & Codependency

  • Aging, menopause and andropause

  • Injuries and loss of abilities


COMMUNITY GRIEF TENDING MENTORSHIP PROGRAM: In cultures that have forgotten how to grieve in community, there is no template for how to do this. In ancient times, grieving and celebrating through community rituals was something that happened as a normal part of life in the village.  The skills required were learned from infancy because there was never a time where grief and celebration were held alone.  Please know that learning what it means to be ‘a people’ in this way is something that is done by consistent practice and learning to navigate the challenges of holding community grief rituals is something we grow into.  We are all still learning to lean in and trust and allow.  The grief mentorship program (facilitated by Laurence Cole, Therese Chavret and me) continues and offers a unique opportunity to learn and practice the needed skills to become a grief tender.  Our cohorts are small (around 20 people) so there is plenty of time for community building, questions and answers and experiential learning.  Our program is more akin to an apprenticeship than an educational program.


INDIVIDUAL GRIEF TENDING MENTORSHIP:  I also offer individual consultation to fellow grief tenders who are actively facilitating rituals or just stepping into leadership. If you are ready to start creating an in-person grief tending community in your area or you feel called to offer online grief tending spaces, I am available to walk with you every step of the way – or as much as you want/need.   


PEER COLLABORATION GROUP FOR FELLOW GRIEF TENDERS: For those who are actively and regularly facilitating community grief tending gatherings, join us as we gather to share experiences, learnings, ideas, and peer support. This circle is co-created with rotating leadership. If you are interested, please fill out the interest form

Blessing Way and Ritual Blessings for Beginnings and Endings

In times gone by; beginnings, endings and transitions were marked with community rituals.  As our ancestors grew into adulthood, they were welcomed with rites of passages and celebrated throughout their lives by family and friends. These rituals have transformed and changed as our world and culture has also changed.   

When you are standing on the edge of a life change or you find yourself longing for a way to mark a life transition, loss, new beginning or ending, a Blessing Way or Ritual Blessing may give you the momentum needed.

With potent acts of ritual, intention setting and song, we weave together a personal ceremony for you.  This ritual can be done privately or with the support of friends and family.  


Next Steps

Email me for a 20 minute complimentary session.

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