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The IFS Approach

IFS is based on the idea that the small voices inside of us are unique parts of our inner family. These parts of us show up as thoughts, sensations in the body or feelings.  

IFS offers a compassionate, warm and safe environment to explore what’s going on internally. During our sessions, I gently guide clients to access their Self and release their parts from the

extreme roles they have been playing. My clients often report feeling less turmoil,

physically better, and a sense of calmness when they access Self.

You may feel torn, at times in your life, like you are being pulled in different

directions. People often say “A part of me feels…but another part of me feels…”.

This is a perfect example of parts within you. At times, we get into internal

conflicts when these parts take on extreme roles, or get stuck in the past.  We honor and welcome the whole internal system into alignment.  All parts are honored and welcomed.  There are not bad parts.  

IFS also is based on the awareness that we all have what we call Self; we just may need some help accessing it. We refer to Self as a state of being (compassionate, clear, calm, courageous, connected, curious, confident & creative). Self has a tremendous ability to heal your parts and to relieve the pain they carry. 

Coaching vs. Therapy:

Coaching is different from therapy in a few ways.  Coaching is for people who are already functional and want more from their lives.  My goal is to help you (re)connect to WHO you are at the core so you have more access to your True Self.  This process often gives clients more clarity in all areas of their lives.  This work involves personal growth and challenges clients to face emotional issues in their life in the service of becoming a more Self-Led (empowered) person.  Unlike therapy approaches that emphasize recovery, safety and achieving functional mental health, IFS coaching asks you to dream and dare beyond a merely 'good' life.  IFS coaching invites you to do the inner and outer work it takes to become who you are most deeply meant to be in the world.  It is advanced personal growth work for people who want to live more consciously and mindfully.  

As a coach, I have limitations on the things we can work through in your recovery. There are some situations I do not have the expertise to help you with. If you are in a place where there are risks to your safety – you are suicidal, significantly self-harming, in the midst of an active addiction – I will help you find someone who is competent to deal with that particular issue. You do not have to stop seeing me, but we must bring in another professional who has the expertise with whatever safety issue is at hand to help you with those issues. This is called our Escalated Care Protocol. I can provide you with additional details if you have questions about this process.

Next Steps:

Email me for a 20 minute complimentary session.

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